San Francisco

Glad Tidings Church

1280 Webster St. , San Francisco, CA US 94115Map to church
Assembly of God Church
Forrest Beiser
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Service Times

Sunday 10:00 AM
Wednesday 7:00 PM


Glad Tidings is an outward facing, multicultural San Francisco church. Asian, Latin, Black, White… it doesn’t matter. Are you tired of churches where the music never changes and the people all look alike? GT’s San Francisco – full of variety. And it’s not superficial. It’s something we work at, fight for, and struggle with. 

We also have people from a variety of educational backgrounds. This isn’t easy. Sometimes this demands tolerance and patience, but we’re working through it with God’s help. No matter what your IQ or educational achievements you are welcome here!

We are a diverse church in worship expression. No matter what your religious tradition you won’t be out of order whether you are someone who:

*likes to sing loudly or doesn’t like to sing

*wants to say “AMEN!” when someone says something you like or prefers to write it down.

*stands up and sings or sits down and ponders it.

Glad Tidings Church is an accepting group of people. We will welcome you just as you are – no matter what your background or –if you want – we’ll let you remain anonymous.

One last thing. We are NOT a perfect church. We are NOT perfect people.  But we are more patient than most when it comes to accepting each other’s process and weakness. How do we do that? It’s all about JESUS.

Glad Tidings is a church that loves JESUS, and HE is the common bond we share. He is the One we sing about applaud, pray to and want to follow. We reject mindless conformity and emphasis on rules and regulations, and so did JESUS.

JESUS is the major component of all our messages and music and activities. He is the strength and motivation for our choices to be San Franciscan, genuinely multicultural, divers socio-economically and accepting.