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Meet John & Fran Ryan — Midwest Regional Coordinator


John & Fran Ryan have been married for 21 years and currently live in St. Charles, MO where John leads Summit Community Church, which he planted 13 years ago. John also serves as Acts 29's Midwest Regional Coordinator, working with Darrin Patrick (Acts 29 Vice President and Midwest Regional Director). At the Chicago Boot Camp we caught up with John and Fran to get a quick interview.

In this interview, John and Fran tell us about how God called John to plant a church, how it has shaped their marriage, what the vision is for the Midwest Region in Acts 29, and other advice they have for church planters and their wives.

Questions Asked:

  • How did you come to plant a church?
  • What did you think about John saying to you that he felt called to plant a church? (3:50)
  • How has planting/pastoring a church shaped your marriage? (6:03)
  • What would you say to a young church planter and his wife regarding things to look out for in marriage? Benefits? (8:13)
  • As a pastor of pastor, what is something that has been on your heart lately for other pastors and planters? (11:28)
  • What is your vision for the Midwest region? (16:33)
  • What would you say to a guy wanting to plant a church through Acts 29? (18:25)


"[Church planting] allowed us to grow in the Gospel faster."


"God's not calling you to be dragged along [in church planting] — there's joy."


"You weren't just saved to have a personal relationship with Christ; you were saved to be with God, but be with God and His Body. You were saved to the body of Christ."


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