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Key Ingredient to Relationship with God

The key ingredient to what God does in and through us is important. Everything about walking with God begins and ends with this ingredient.

Key Reality in the Lives of Men that someone needs to speak.

What is the one reality that each person needs to come to grips with? What is the one reality that every believer has had to grapple with in their own lives? How does God's servant serve others by speaking about the source of the brokenness of man? What is the truth about man's brokenness and how does the servant serve this truth to those in darkness?

Key Quality of God's Speakers

Can anyone credibly talk about God? If you want to be an effective speaker of truth, what must you be?

Key Truth about God - HOLY!

If there is one truth that the world needs to understand about God, what is it? What sets God apart from anyone else?

Render to Ceasar

What does a student of Jesus do when it comes to government? What is the relationship that a disciple should have with government.