Cherryvale First Baptist Church | Sermons

Affirming the Gospel

I'm so thankful for the many people we can stand with in the fellowship of the gospel. Our skin colors vary, our backgrounds and education levels are different, our language and popular expressions may seem strange to each other; BUT, we stand upon the SAME TRUTH: the truth of Jesus Christ and Him crucified for sinners. Friends, let’s never be so narrow to think that no one else has the truth of the gospel. Let’s never be so undiscerning to think that every group that CLAIMS to be Christian, proclaims the SAME TRUTH, the ONE TRUE GOSPEL. Instead, let’s have an ear for the truth of the gospel, and let’s encourage all who stand upon the truth of Scripture in dependence upon the power of the Spirit in proclaiming the saving message of the cross, and the resurrection of our Lord. And let’s stand firmly for the truth of the gospel, stand for the Gospel in the face of those who would water it down or those who would compromise its solitary nature of faith alone, in Christ alone, by the grace of God…ALONE.
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