Hallsville United Methodist Church | Sermons

Getting Lost in the Moment:Taking the Next Step

Authentic Christians will take the next step on the journey as we grow in the knowledge of love of God. We must stop being so mesmerized with material things and begin to realize that only God can fill us with the joy and happiness we desire.

Go Get Washed Up

During this time of Advent, we must prepare our hearts to receive the Christ Child. John the baptist called those in his day to go get washed up. We must do the same.

Preparing Our Hearts

In this time of Advent, instead of making wish lists and hoping for things, we are being called to prepare our hearts for the coming of the Lord.

Model Talk

On this first Sunday in Advent, we are being called to be authentic in our faith, not putting on a show for others, but allowing our transformed hearts to show to the world who we really are on the inside.

Life From Under the Pile

Christ is King and Lord of our Life. He calls us to make his presence known in the Kingdom of God even today. He lifts the burdens of life from us and allows us to breathe.

Enjoy, Invest, Imagine

God created us to enjoy life and with the ability to dream big, but some of us have stopped dreaming and have forgotten to enjoy life. If we are going to live our live wide awake, we must invest in people. The story of the four friends and the paralytic man shows the creativity and the dedication people have when it comes to helping others come to Christ. Let's imagine a world where people invest in people and help each other along the journey to Jesus.

Explore and Adapt

Like God called Abram, God calls us to become explorers. If we are going to live the life of our dreams we must recapture the curiosity that God created us with. As followers of Christ, others who are unable to live the life of their dreams need us to live the life of our dreams. The 2nd in a three part series based on Erwin McManus's book, Wide Awake,

Dreaming Big Dreams

God created us to be creative and to Dream big Dreams. When we begin to dream God-sized dreams, the world is changed. Too often we are timid when it comes to asking God for what we want. God empowers us and gives us direction for our lives. If we are going to dream big dreams, we must learn to live wide awake.

Becoming a Servant

Too often we focus so much on the future that we don't take the time to listen to what God says to us. In making our own plans that we believe will bring us comfort, we miss the lesson Jesus teaches about humility and service. John and James provide a great example by which Jesus makes his point made.

Searching For God in Your Darkness

Job Teaches us about faithfulness in the midst of personal darkness. He teaches us that even when we cannot find God, God never abandons us. It is God that sustains us. God sent Jesus Christ into this dark world to be light. Jesus is the light in our personal darkness.