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Dear faithful believers in our Lord Jesus Christ,

I am Pastor Ranjith Mallawarachchi. I am living in Ampara, Thissapura in Sri Lanka. Our Church name is Canaan Evangelical Free Church. I have 3 places of assembly each week, Ampara, Piyangala ,Galahiteyagoda and Pottuvil Lahugala, and in these three towns I am running services with the believers there. I am currently living in a rented house for (8000/Rs) per month and the front room is used for the assembly hall of the Ampara Church. In Ulla and Lahugala we all so run the servings in believers homes. Our Church has 8 workers who are volunteering. These co-workers are very poor, they offer has much time and effort as they possibly can. I have served in the ministry for 8 years, and over this time has come many problems, but God has been faithful. It is Buddhists monks who are causing the biggest trouble for the believers and my family. They are violently against people being baptized or ever to sharing the Gospel message can come with a high price. Ampara and the surrounding areas are strongly Buddhist, which has brought us much hardship. The total number of believers is around 185 family, these believers are spared far and wide, most of them don’t have the means to come to church each week or at all. I use the church motorbike to do daily visits, some up to one and haft hours away. As I said before I use my family home is a place of worship, and all the church programs are run out of this rented house. The believers give what they can in terms of manpower and selfless time and effort, yet we are believing for a church building and also smaller prayer houses in the many surround village areas. It’s not that we think a building is what the LORD requires, yet we are hoping for a permanent place to work out of and to worship in, spend our time on the building of the Kingdom of Heaven. The buddhists monks can’t understand that we don’t need a temple or church building to worship at. They are very against us doing service in houses. We as the body know that we are God’s temple, not a man made building.
I invite you to come and be a part of our fellowship here. Kindly consider partnering with us for the sake of our LORD’s glory. We would like to make a Church building, for our lease ends in May. We are daily praying and looking to buy a land and house. An invitation is open for you anytime to come to see what we are do. In the Ampara area alone three other pastors as of late, are out of the full time ministry due to a lack of financial support. Offerings and gifts from the local Body are just not enough to maintain these pastors and their families. We wish that we would not be force to do the same, and hope also that our brothers will find the support needed. The Ampara area has land for around ($ 5000usd). Sri lankan money Rs 500000.00 Please playfully consider these matters and if it is within your ability to help in anyway, please do. I hope you will reply and if you have any questions or would like to know more please don’t hesitate to write to us here, or if you can only hold us up in your prayers that would mean a lot too.
Thank you so much for your time.
In Christ,
Pastor Ranjith Mallawarachchi

NO 191/2,GEMUNUPURA, Ampara , Sri Lanka
E-mail: amparacanaanchurch@gmail.com
Mobile Phone + 94 77 431 4949

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